Feeling Pace and Exertion

Feeling Pace and Exertion

Feeling Pace and Exertion

Whatever training intensity measure you may be using, we are all chasing improved speed and economy.

It can all get a little confusing with (how hard to go) for (how long) and how much (Rest) or should it be (active recovery).

3 key contributions to Adaption are INTENSITY (how hard to go), VOLUME (how long), REST/ACTIVE RECOVERY.

Then getting these 3 keys into the correct combinations and measuring the correct Intensity that they are completed at, will give the best adaption.

The science to physical adaption is confusing but the training to physical adaption shouldn’t be, and to make it simple we use numbers from 1 to 5 (training zones) and to measure the Intensities of each of those TRAINING ZONES (TZ) we use RPE numbers (Rate of Perceived Exertion 1 to 10). If we know the correct Training Zone and the correct Training Intensity then all we need to do is measure the Volume of each Training session/Interval.

If we trust in the proven sports science and experience in the field and go about building a robust engine that can train faster for longer and withstand resistance from currents, wind and tides.

By making the Training programming simple to follow and increased consistency on every Interval, training session, training week , month and year the training should perfect the feeling of their personal training intensities and improve fitness and confidence at the same pace.

These programs on paper are made to be flexible and once again the felt sense of training intensity and improvements in physical fitness will increase mental confidence and motivation to continue.

For Endurance paddling 3 to 300 minutes or more you need to have a starting point/PACE.

You could start with TZ1 paddling but you would be out paddling all day/week for some to find a pace for that Training Zone, so we start with TZ3. TZ3 is our FTP (FUNCTIONAL THRESHOLD PACE) the pace we can hold for 45 to 60 minutes.

You can find that Pace simply by paddling 45 to 60 minutes or there are a few different types of FTP test through running, swimming and cycling.

You can check out this post I have on my website https://justpaddling.com/its-you-versus-you/ to see how we find our FTP, or you can simply pick a TZ3 starting pace that you feel is close to your 1 hour pace eg. 8 kph or 5 mph.

Once you have a FTP/TZ3 Pace its simple to follow the Training Intensity scale and add Intensity or reduce Intensity to train in the 5 different Training Zones.

Getting the correct combination will be the determining factor in how far and fast you can improve your physical fitness without injury or fatigue and paddling faster and longer than you have before.

Building your Aerobic Threshold conditioning, is the foundation to developing speed over distance and using TZ3, 4 and 5 to increase your FTP/ Anaerobic Threshold and then your Aerobic Capacity to maintain speed and endurance in all Ocean conditions.

You need to walk before you can run and time spent in all Training Zones is critical but building a strong Aerobic Threshold holds the key to how far you can push up your Aerobic Capacity.

So many trainers don’t give themselves enough time preparing for Endurance races and cut short their Aerobic Threshold training and effectively it puts a cap on their Aerobic Capacity when it comes to race day.

Session 1.  Aerobic Threshold Session 2    Aerobic Capacity Session 3     FTP/Anaerobic Threshold
TZ 1   1 min   TZ 1    2 min        / TZ 4    2 min TZ 1   2 min
TZ 2   3 min   TZ 1    2 min        / TZ 4    3 min TZ 3   30 sec/15 sec stop rest x 3
TZ 1   1 min   Stop rest   2 min TZ 3   3 min
TZ 2   6 min   Repeat above set 6 times Repeat above set 8 times
Repeat above set 5 times

Anyone can train for 1 hour with a reasonable training program but 50% of those trainers would struggle with 2 to 3 hours and only 5% of those trainers would make it past 4 hours at Anaerobic Threshold Pace. Spend the time in TZ2 and feel the rewards on Race day.

Getting the correct combination of Aerobic Threshold training to balance the Higher Intensity Interval sessions to continue improve your Aerobic capacity and Anaerobic conditioning takes time and patient in each of the 5 Training Zones.

If you want to hold your best possible FTP for Endurance paddling plan ahead and don’t cut time in the Aerobic Threshold training Zone.




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