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Custom Season Race Plan

Custom Season Race Plan

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Using the proven All Paddling intensity scale of 5 different Training Zones
The CUSTOM SEASON RACE PLAN will provide you with the same workout structure used by the most successful paddlers in the world.
In this Plan you will use 3 x Interval sessions and 1 x Distance session all progressive weekly.
The Plan is designed to the paddlers Training time each week and set to fit in any Minor and Major Racing Date in the season.
The Plan will have Taper and Peaking Training Weeks before each Goal race.
This is plan is design in consultation with the paddler and can be adjust to the paddlers progression .
This Training Plan is intended for the seasoned athletes with a competitive paddling background and has set a Goal Race or Races in their season.
This Plan is designed in consultation with the paddler weekly training time , ability and Season Goals.
You should be able to comfortably paddle for at least 60 minutes before you start the plan and best to use our Threshold paddling Pace Calculation to work out your personal Threshold paddling Pace and then use the NEW Pace calculator to work out each of the 5 training zones Paces.
This Plan comes with an easy to follow Strength Program and is progressive at the same pace of the paddling program.
Paddling sports are won and lost by SPEED over Water so we design the

All Paddling PACE CALCULATOR use this calculator to identify your individual intensity zones Pace for each of our 5 Training Zones.

All Training programs come with our Training Intensity Scale and Pace Calculator built in so all you need to do is put in your Threshold paddling pace and the Calculator will give you the pace ranges for all 5 TZ.
To find your Threshold Pace
Enjoy the ride to a happier PACE
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