A prone paddler from the age of 15, who has developed all his own training programs. These programs have been perfected to suit paddling events, from sprint racing to distant events like Catalina and Molokai to Oahu.

Mick has used proven scientific information from Olympic kayaking programs and used his race experience over many years to fine tune his training philosophy, to win the 1997 Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Championship. He has coached over 12 other Molokai to Oahu victories, both male and female in both SUP and Prone.

He has a level 3 accredited surf coach certificate with Surf Life Saving Australia, gained at The Australian Institute of Sport.

His training philosophy has been successful in varied paddling disciplines and race distances from Australian and World Life Saving sprint racing to all SUP styles racing and long distance paddling events.

The success of the training programs and the experiences that Mick has gained through coaching and racing with elite athletes, has given him the confidence to continue doing something that brings enjoyment, not only to himself, but the athletes themselves.

With 40 something years experience developing improvements to training methods for on water training programs, Mick is excited with his innovation of the Prone and SUP Strength Training Ergos for off water training. The prone and SUP training devices meet all the required fields in a well-rounded annual training program.

  • It’s scientifically and technically correct paddling motion, will develop perfect paddling technique and build muscle endurance and anaerobic power. The prone and SUP training devices are a necessary addition to compliment a well designed on water training program.

    Mick is passionate about coaching and always seeking to improve and refine his programs to allow users to receive maximum benefits and produce optimum performances. He also understands that even when following a generic program, all paddlers are individuals with individual needs and his programs are tailored specifically to cater for these differences.


    • Multiple Australian and World Champion in Surf Life Saving
    • Coached a large number of competitors to Australian and World itles in Ironman and Board Paddling events
    • Accredited Level 3 surf coach
    • Inaugural World Champion Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Winner
    • Consistent top 10 finisher in the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard race
      for the last 21 years (involved in the coaching of many successful
      athletes in this crossing.
    • Many of the top 10 paddlers in the world currently follow the All Paddling training programs..