Finding your Training Pace

Finding your Training Pace

I really enjoy training in my training group I learn so much about what are the benefits from training in the correct Training zones.

If I was to take an average of the paddlers that I have trained with, I can say that most try too hard in the Intervals below their one hour paddling Threshold pace and never hard enough at their pace above this Threshold pace.

In my last Training post I wrote about using 20 to 30 % volume of High Intensity Interval training in your weekly training program and some of its benefits and why to do this type of training. But its that other 70 to 80% of training volume that doesn’t get the respect it deserves.

Training Zone 2 paddling will not only improve fat utilization and preserve glycogen but will also increase lactate clearance capacity which is key for athletic performance.

The 2 take aways from this Training Zone 2 intensity is that we improve FAT utilization and preserves Glycogen these are the two fuels we will need to paddle Long Distances at our Threshold paddling pace for those given distances. The bonus coming from Training Zone 2 training is that it increases the capacity to clear lactate from the muscles and transported back into the system and used as energy. We produce lactate when we paddle short intervals of high intensity above our Threshold pace. (training zone 4)

  1. Chasing swells in a race or sprinting to catch another paddler in a race.

So the science of how the body produces and uses the different fuels to paddle at distant and pace tells us we must exercise at the intensities that uses those energy systems.

Finding the right Intensities to train at is the starting point for all paddlers to continually improve their personal paddling Threshold pace and Stamina to hold this pace.

So we create training programs that will be race specific to the energy we will need in Long Distance paddling.

Now we can calculate the training zone intensities by finding or choosing a starting Threshold paddling pace for your desired paddling distance and calling that Pace Training Zone 3 pace in our JUSTPADDLING training Intensity scale.

Now you have your starting point then by using my new PACE CALCULATOR for Interval training intensities to improve your paddling Threshold and continue to check this pace and adjust the scale as you increase this Threshold pace.

If you want to find your best Pace and not waste Training time training to go slow. Join us on the Pace with a Just Paddling Training Program 


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