Improve your Down Wind paddling skills

Improve your Down Wind paddling skills

Training Tips for crossing the Molokai Channel


Training for any paddling event will require specific training Intensities and being capable of covering a similar volume to that race distance at some time in your training Plan.

Now the first thing you need to do is design a Training Plan.

Find a start date and know your race date. Example for M2O I would start 1ST March 2023 and race 30th July 2023 easily done, now what to do in between these dates.


I have specific Training Phases within this time frame that are important to build Strength and Endurance to paddle 32 miles.

During these Phases you need to start out slowly adding Intensity and Volume until you have the Strength to hold your best PACE over these 32 miles and we call that your Endurance. You need to be progressive with your training and best way to do this is by using shorter Intervals of the 32 miles distance and adding rest periods and repeats.


One of the many questions/excuses I hear each year is “but I don’t get the same condition of the Molokai Channel” so I can’t practice my Down Wind skills.


I have found the best way to hone your stroke timing and board control for Down Wind paddling and rough water paddling is to simply do half of your paddling sessions into the wind and then paddle back down wind.

These wind conditions don’t need to strong to get the benefits and the distances don’t need to be long but just by repeating intervals into the wind and then coming back you will develop the stroke timing and stroke length to control your board in most conditions you will find in the Molokai Channel race. This works perfectly for paddlers that get many on shore wind days in the preparation period of the race and don’t need transport up or down the coastline.

 Now get out there when its on shore and hone your skills to surf the rough water of your next race.

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